Company culture is at the forefront of the conversation about strong corporate leadership and successful business, and this is not by accident. More and more research shows that a clear, strong corporate culture is absolutely essential to attracting the top talent and bringing loyal customers to your brand. So who is responsible for building your corporate culture from scratch or changing your culture into something better?

HR is the best resource to push this change, and your HR professionals should certainly be in the vanguard of any cultural initiatives. However, it is all too easy to place all the responsibility for a cultural change on your HR team when, in reality, any true cultural change requires a partnership between the company leadership and the HR staff.

This piece from the Harvard Business Review has some great points about strengthening this partnership. It calls for empowering HR with a clear vision and mandate, and supporting their efforts from the top down: “[culture] is often unjustly regarded as ‘just more to do from HR.’ This isn’t through bad intention or lack of belief that the culture change matters. It’s usually because of competing priorities.”

If you hope for meaningful cultural change in your company, your efforts simply cannot be another task foisted upon employees from HR. Leadership must identify what sort of culture they want and employees want, and work together with HR to get everyone pulling in the right direction. JouleBug Shine has all the tools you need to identify your employees’ interests and values, and work with HR to make real, lasting change in your company without all the forms and busywork. Find out more here!