More and more companies today are made up of employees all over the country (or even the world). Even small companies have team members working across long distances: here at JouleBug we regularly work on projects with a continent separating us, so we recognize the importance of finding new tools to facilitate this type of collaboration.

This Metropolis Magazine article explores how the dynamics of human interaction are the new frontier in designing your workplace and establishing your corporate culture. Employees, especially young employees, want more flexibility and easier modes of communication with their coworkers. Personal relationships matter more, not less, in the digital age.

So how can you facilitate these relationships across a large distance? The days of corporate outings and retreats are in the past, but the need for camaraderie and teamwork is just as vital as always. You need modern tools that allow your employees to connect and collaborate both in and out of the office.

JouleBug Shine is just this tool! Is your team interested in fitness? Are they looking for ways to connect with the community and give back? Looking for new spots to eat good, local food? Wanting to make a positive impact on the environment?

Shine provides a place for your employees to connect over these interests and share their experiences, bringing your team closer together and fostering a collaborative atmosphere no matter where your employees go to work. Find out more here!