Companies too often look at philanthropy as a simple benefit to their bottom line. How much can we give? How much of a tax benefit can we get by giving? If you follow this line of thinking, your company misses out on the much greater benefits of a comprehensive philanthropy program: big improvements in employee morale and productivity and a major boost in standing for your brand in the local and wider community.

Check out this Smart Business piece on corporate giving! They interview Michael Stevenson, a managing partner at Clarus, about the tangible impact on a culture of giving beyond the bottom line. He stresses listening to your employees preferences and working with them to provide opportunities to work together on philanthropic projects.

Where do your employees want to give back? How can they find out where their coworkers are volunteering? You could send out a survey, but no one likes filling out a homework assignment from HR. JouleBug Shine has a perfect solution: a private social network where employees and management can broadcast philanthropic goals and share stories and pictures of their experiences! HR can determine what opportunities appeal to employees, and everyone can see where there friends are making a difference! Find out more here.