Creating the company culture you want is a difficult task. Where do you even start? How do you get your employees the information they need? How you you find the information you need? Everyone acknowledges that a strong and focused culture is an absolute must for any business looking for more growth and more success, but how do you cut through all the noise and find a solution that fits your company’s values and your employee’s priorities?

Corporate wellness initiatives are the most popular avenue for shaping corporate culture today. Most employees are at least familiar with tools like step-counting fitness trackers, and most have taken part in some kind of fitness challenge with simple, incremental goals. Implementing a successful fitness challenge is an excellent way to get started on shaping the culture you want, and it is essential to lay a solid foundation so you can engage as many employees as possible.

This Forbes article has some excellent advice for laying out the proper groundwork. It points out the discouraging participation rates for a lot of corporate wellness initiatives, and highlights seven essential steps to get your initiative on track. The big takeaway is that your wellness initiative needs to be fully integrated with your ideas about the culture you want, participation needs to be emphasized from the top down, and your messaging needs to be clear, consistent, and accessible.

Shine give you the perfect tools to communicate your message to your employees, and a platform for your leadership team to visibly demonstrate their commitment to a healthier, happier workplace.

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