Not every company wants to become a huge multinational corporation, but every company wants to grow their business and their profits. Maintaining your company’s vision and values as you take on new employees and set more ambitious goals is exceptionally difficult, and many companies falter as they look to grow from a few core team members to a complex ecosystem of different departments with disparate goals and ideal managerial styles

Human resources is your most important ally in managing this transition, but how do you empower your HR team (or maybe just yourself, if you are a startup looking to expand) to establish and maintain connections between team member who are already on board, and plug new hires into this culture so they can hit the ground running?

This Business Insider piece, while aimed at tech companies in particular, has some great ideas for any company looking to grow, regardless of size. It emphasizes clear communication of your company’s vision and values from the top down and across departments, and the importance of HR in facilitating this vital communication.

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