You have 365 days…Use all of them.

The same thing happens every year. The gym opens up on January 1st and people flood in with their new fitness routine in hand and ready to be used.
“I’m gonna change my life this year.”
“Beach body, here I come!!”
“This year is gonna be different.”

People rush into the gym with these amazing goals and ideas in their head. They’ve come up with a goal and already have the entire journey mapped out for themselves, ready to “crush it” and finally have the healthy lifestyle they’ve always wanted. It’s pretty inspiring to see so many people motivated to change; you can’t help but applaud them for being so invested in themselves. That first week of January is always such a great time to be employed in the fitness industry.

Then week two hits, and many of those people begin to disappear. Not because their program was sub-par or because the diet wasn’t good enough, but because the results in the first week just weren’t as substantial as they wanted. We love immediate gratification; we are programmed to expect it now in the age of technology. So, when those 20 pounds aren’t gone on January 10th, people tend to doubt their ideas and revert back to their old habits.

“Well, it looks like I’m just not meant to be skinnier.”
“I must have a condition that doesn’t work with this diet.”
“The gym is expensive, anyway. I should save more money this year instead.”

Here’s the thing though, folks…..That’s not how your body functions.

Your body takes 4-6 weeks to adapt to a new stimulus (ie: diet and exercise) neurologically or chemically. Once that happens, THEN you get to jump into the awe-inspiring, infomercial worthy, spectacular physical changes that you crave. But you have to at least give yourself a chance to succeed. Change doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it completely steady and linear. There are going to be great days and bad days. The trick to accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution is to give it TIME. You made the goal for the year…365 days…use all of them! Change doesn’t have to happen right this moment. It may happen on day 100, 200, or even day 365, but you’ll never know unless you give it the time.

Give your goals a chance. Don’t try to do it all at once. Enjoy the journey, revel in the process, and you’ll see the results you planned and worked so hard for.

Written by Andrew Mitchell, ACE & CSCS Certified Trainer

Photo by Justyn Warner