Volunteerism is a proven way to boost employee morale and engagement. When people give back, they feel better about themselves and feel a stronger connection with their community and fellow human beings. However, most people don’t even know where to start – resources are scarce and scattered, and it can seem impossible to go it alone when trying to find ways to give back. This is an opportunity for employers to take the lead, and shape their company culture in the process.

Successful companies are built upon a strong culture that is easily identified by employees, customers and potential hires. Part of the path to building this culture is a culture of giving, which goes hand-in-hand with a sustainability culture, and shows everyone that your company is committed to positive change.

What is the best way to show off your culture of giving and getting your employees engaged? This Business Times article provides an example of how OCBC Bank successfully implemented a top-down giving initiative that is now an integral part of their company culture, with one in four employees at all levels volunteering in their community.

Shine has the tools for leadership to show their commitment to giving back to the community, as well as providing a platform to share volunteering opportunities. Employees will know where their peers are going to give back so they won’t have to go solo, and potential hires and customers will see your company’s clear commitment to making the world a better place. Find out more here!

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