JouleBug Enterprise is all about Taking Action

JouleBug Enterprise offers multiple options for well-being engagement with your members. Whether you want to encourage healthier minds, bodies, or planet, there are oodles of actions and challenges to motivate them to do so.

Sharing is Caring

Build camaraderie within your team as they share encouragement on your custom, private social network. Users get to know others in their organization, beyond their departments and existing circles.

With your entire crew pulling in the same direction, your organization is sure to reach its wellness goals. Watch your culture come to life with users’ shared activities, photos, comments, and likes.


Give your team the chance to make connections beyond the conference room. There’s no better way to find your workout buddy!


There’s nothing like coworkers having your back – in work projects or self improvement goals. 

What this means for you:

Future Leaders

Attract exceptional employees who can take a leadership role in building your company culture and making the world a better place for everyone.

Global Connection

Connect coworkers everywhere, and get them all working together towards a common goal. It’s a great way to energize remote workers to feel part of the team.

Beautiful Experience

Put a fun, social, accessible app experience – featured by the Apple & Google Play Stores – into your employees’ hands.

Fits Your Life

No extra hardware to buy, install or lose. The power to make real, positive change is already at your fingertips.

Explore all of the well-being actions that JouleBug Enterprise helps your employees take.

Eco Content Pack


The Sustainability theme helps employees find out what small steps they can take to protect the planet. Sustainability actions include water and energy conservation, waste management, and transportation.

Eco Content Pack


The Civic theme is all about getting involved in your community. Whether you can volunteer time, make a donation, or help a neighbor, there is a way for everyone to make the world a better place.

Health Content Pack


The Fitness theme makes it easy for anyone and everyone to get active in a way they enjoy. Fitness encourages members to get moving however they can and share along their journey.

Well-Being Content Pack

Diversity & Inclusion

In partnership with The Diversity Movement, the Diversity and Inclusion theme encourages your employees, students or citizens to gain new perspectives, try new things, and evaluate their biases.

Health Content Pack


The Nutrition theme encourages members to take small steps to integrating healthy eating habits wherever they can, and hopefully share some great food pics while they’re at it.

Health Content Pack

Remote Engagement

Extremely relevant and the newest addition to the JouleBug Enterprise platform. The Remote Engagement theme helps your employees stay engaged, happy, and healthy.

What this means for you:


Everyday Habits

Small changes lead to big results. Get employees working together to change their habits gradually and reap the major benefits that come from their collective effort.

For the Masses

There’s nothing complicated and no barriers for employees to clear. Just install the app and get started!


JouleBug Enterprise’s Dashboard makes it easy to transition from one theme to the next to align with your engagement initiatives throughout the year.


The power to schedule Challenges, localize Actions, or create a personalized app gives your company a wellness program that matches its brand and values.