HQ Green Games

Shine Case Study


Company Name: HQ Raleigh

HQ Raleigh, home to over 100 entrepreneurs and professionals, is a shared workspace designed to cultivate companies that produce long-term growth and social impact. HQ Raleigh was working towards becoming a B Corporation and looked to JouleBug to help reinforce and introduce sustainable habits.

Tons of CO2 Saved

Pounds of Waste Diverted

Gallons of Water Saved

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HQ Raleigh ran a 10-day long JouleBug contest to see which team could rack up the most points. Given the competitive nature of the HQ Raleigh community, teams quickly formed and soon after they were designing team names and logos to rally around. The winning team was awarded with new Bobble water bottles and their team name 3D-printed into the Green Games trophy for eternal glory.

The HQ Raleigh community always enjoys a little friendly competition. But with JouleBug, they were also able to learn new and different ways to be sustainable from the pins and seeing what their competitors were buzzing about. These sustainable habits have carried through after the challenge, supporting HQ Raleigh’s mission to becoming a successful B Corporation.

“Part of being a successful B Corporation is having the engagement of the community.”

Liz Tracy

Director, HQ Raleigh