JouleBug Enterprise Challenges

We’ve harnessed the motivational power of rivalries and goal-setting with Challenges that create measurable change for your organization. Users compete to take the most actions and score the most points during each Challenge.

Challenges That Work For You

Unlock the full power of JouleBug Enterprise Challenges.

Easy Scheduling

Choose when you want to host a challenge and roll it out when it works for your group.

Team Options

Team challenges build camaraderie within your organization. Divide up by existing rivalries, let leaders recruit, or go free-for-all!

Competitive or Goals

Mix up the competitive atmosphere by encouraging team members to work together towards a common goal.


Reward your players for all their hard work. Give prizes to top individuals, teams, or anyone who passes a threshold.

What this means for your organization:


Motivation that Works

More than just numbers on a screen!  The app provides a fun, shared experience that lifts everyone up.


Bring your employees together and get them working towards a common goal, regardless of their location.

Get Talking

Get tangible feedback on your employees’ interests and values.

Event Driven

Coordinate your challenges with specific events and initiatives.

“The Challenge was a big hit with our co-workers and we had great participation! We’ll definitely be repeating this activity.”

Brendan Seale

Sustainability Manager, IKEA Canada

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