JouleBug Enterprise Pricing

Find the option that best suits your organization's needs.


The essential toolbox for actionizing small organizations and testing the app.

Up to 25 participants

The fundamental tools for actionizing people:

Mobile App Experience

Convenient and gamified with in-app tutorials and notifications.

Unlimited Challenges

Modify text and imagery of themed challenges and actions.


Illustrate the power of collective action with real-time analytics.


An expanded toolbox for growing organizations getting serious about actionizing their values.

Up to 250 participants

Level up your toolbox with more features:

Team Challenges

Boost camaraderie with team challenges. Divide participants by rivalries, recruit, or go free-for-all!

More Modifications

Modify themed challenges by adding or removing actions.


Challenge Reports

Generate challenge reports to sustain year-round actionization.


A comprehensive toolbox for large organizations committed to year-round actionization.

Up to 500 participants

Fueled by JouleBug, empowered by you:

Customize Content

Create custom actions and challenges* to actualize the organization’s values.


Localize content to activate global participants*

Secure Log-In

Secure SSO Authentication* for effortless log-in

*With purchase of Concierge hours


Need to engage more than 500 participants? Challenge accepted!

Curious about customizing the app to match your branding? We have got you covered.

You’re ready for this challenge.

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“The Challenge brought our employees together, enabling interaction between areas that never interact with each other.”

Erica Kose

HR Manager, KPIT

“Part of being a successful B Corporation is having the engagement of the community.”

Liz Tracy

Director, HQ Raleigh

“We could not have been more pleased with our first Green Cup Challenge and are very excited about our future Challenges.”

Amy Petri

Communications Manager Office of Sustainability, City of Austin

Trusted Organization