Introducing Shine

Built on the JouleBug Platform we know and love, Shine is the easy way to play, save, and share sustainable habits with your workplace.


Learn more about how easy it is to get your organization involved in fun and engaging Sustainability Challenges

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Mix & Match Content

Shine’s extensive sustainability content fits your goals. Customize your app to fit your company’s brand and align with your company’s initiatives.

Ongoing Challenges

Let a little friendly competition and goal setting bring your employees together to accomplish more than they ever thought they could!

Engage Your Community

Bring co-workers everywhere together to create a positive and engaging culture. An app in the palm of every employee’s hand makes it easy.

Show your Stats

Impact statistics and analytics for all content allows you to prove you’re making a positive impact with your team, your community, and the planet.

“We know creating sustainable change is a long-haul effort and the ongoing analytics from Shine are a great way to measure our progress.”

Brian Steffes

Business Development Specialist, Siemens

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Your Look, Your App

Show the world and your community that you care! Put an app customized to your brand in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Invite only your people or expand your network to include friends, family, and suppliers and get everyone engaged!

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Turn Awareness into Behavior Change

Sustain the momentum of Shine challenges throughout the year by utilizing our sophisticated challenge platform to make every challenge different and engaging.

Customizable Challenges

Create your own or choose from one of our many templates and GO! Anytime.

Customizable Content

Customize the app to match your company’s brand and values.

Concierge Service

Get the help you need, no matter how big or small the question.


Get the word out! Reach your community with ease.

Take control with the Admin Dashboard

Shine’s easy-to-use Dashboard puts you in control. Monitor how well your Challenge is performing, track your impact, and encourage your organization’s best leaders.